check iqama expire date and validate

how can i c?, very important question for awide range of residents and expats, especially after make some changes for the old way, which used to query iqama expire date, now you must and have a registered account at Absher website, without you can not reach to your ask.

register to absher

Saudi iqama validity check from absher site is different now than before from minister of interior website, if you are citizen or expats you should have an account to use your user name and password for sign in, after that all service will be avaliable, like iqama inquire expire date, query traffic violations, and so on, you can register at absher now.

check iqama validate

sign in to you account at Absker individuals after chose English language, choose my services and then you should some data which we will use in inquiry service, especially Iqama number for worker or employer .

next step chose query iqama expire service, then insert your iqama number and other required data then check, the result will show the iqama expire date and validate.


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