public query available funds MOI Diwan 

 service of public query available funds from Absher MOI Diwan from minster of interior Electronic inquiries forms website, which give the ability to citizens and residents for inquire about one of e-services under name moi available funds in their service account in KSA, to clarify the amount of funds available in the account from all different department of MOI.

the amount of available funds stay in the service account for citizen or resident, include also their family members, and we will aid yours to chek yours account by explain the steps which can perform is simple way to finish this inquire about public query available funds by identity number.

ask about public query available funds

the steps which we can proceed to public query available funds by citizen or resident identity number, start from go into minister or  interior of  KSA MOI available funds  , then search about Electronic inquiries, then General Services, after that select the service of absher MOI Diwan.

second step after select moi available funds, enter your identity number in the search box then image code then view.

all information which we ask about will be clear for the person who inquire about public query available funds .

also from this explain of the service check iqama expiry date you can know the validity for your iqama card.

check available funds from absher minister of interior like steps we add for your up.

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