query iqama expiry date, validity, status

query iqama expiry in KSA, one of the service of ministry of interior from abshar passports department electronic service, so how we can check iqama validity or status and its expire date, this service is available for both citizen and resident by using iqama number for worker or employ identity number, then we can follow the steps which will explain here.

Iqama card is permitted to renew every year, and from 2016 the expire date is not mention on te card, so we should query iqama expiry date on line from abasher service to avoid penalty for not carrying a validity iqama card, so what about the steps to inquire about your iqama expire data or validity?.

check query iqama expiry

first step for check query iqama expiry data, visit the website of MOI of saudi kingdom, then go directly to abasher electronic inquiries services, Abasher passport, and finally Query Iqama expire Service, thtis service is available for citizen and resident without the need to loigin the MOI service account of Absher, as you can check public quire available funds for services.

insert the data required for check your iqama status or validity or expire date, by iqama number for empoly and security image code then push view to have the data about your iqama card.

minister of interior established new site for Absher services, you should first have an account at Absher and validate it, then go on to proceed your quire.


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